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Light Emitting Diode lighting internal-organs semi zoom macroscopic camera

Part number TS-0001
Specification MX 4570 (45 to 70 times)
MX 7014 (70 to 140 times)
14 inch monitor conversion
Videoing element / 1/4 inch CCD
The number of effective pixels/ 250.000 pixels
Six lighting/lighting Emitting Diodes
Power supply/ DC 12V 200A
Weight/ 140g (main part)

●Main part (exclusive stand, AC adapter, with image power supply 3P code)\73.500(Tax included)
●5.6 inch color liquid crystal display monitor (with AC adapter) open price

●A separate light source is unnecessary because of Light Emitting Diode lighting internal organs.
●It is easy to check pictures by the display monitor.
●The USB connection with PC is possible with a capture board etc.
●Many kinds of pictures can be checked with the semi-zoom functions at one set.
●It is compact and doesn't waste space.
 (main part + lighting + stand + monitor's all-in-one specification)
●There is also a demonstration machine.
※ Specification or price may change without notice.

Tokiwa optical corporation started sales for the first time of our own brand-TOKI STONE-LED light internal organ semi-zoom macroscopic camera. With the additional liquid crystal display monitor, it will be very easy to check a picture. Moreover the USB connection with a personal computer is also possible by using external apparatus. With this machine, it can be used for various purposes such as surface inspection of minute portion. Since a demonstration machine is prepared, please contact us with any inquiries.

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