TOKIWA OPTICAL PHILIPPINES CORPORATION accepts inquiries concerning services and cost estimates for possible job orders.  However, as a matter of policy, the company starts production after receipt of a purchase order.

 We accept orders for all kinds of lenses, prisms, and optical parts used in all kinds of optical and optronics devices, from formed glass materials to polished and coated optical products; from prototyping to mass production and assembly of products.

 Much as the company wishes to provide accurate and more specific price information, the sheer number of products makes it impossible to provide a comprehensive and detailed list.

 Nevertheless, we hope that the following broad estimates may be of help to those who may be interested in availing of the services of the company.

Other considerations.

  • For orders less than 100PCS, price would be computed separately.
  • The price for plastic lens is 20〜30% of the price of glass lens. However, there is separate charge for mold fabrication.
  • For binocular lenses, condenser lenses and other lenses in great supply, the company offers highly competitive prices.
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